Vet Update 2 and last day at work

Liat is on chicken for the next week so that means they are all (all three) are on chicken for the next week. They are going to think thay have died and gone to Alfie heaven!!!! (Alfie would sell his soul for chicken).

The pill giving is going to have to be when he’s sleepy…. Last night’s pill went in fine. This mornings pill was an absolute fiasco, I ended up with most of it all over my finger but I haven’t met a cat yet who’s beaten me on the pill giving so I’m not going to give in now!!!!!!

I think this is going to be a very long 5 days!

Yesterday was my last day at work with the company I was with, I’m really sad about leaving as they are really lovely people. They gave me a leaving card and some book tokens (I said I like book tokens as I need some more books) but I never expected them to be so generous, especially as I was only a temp. I am looking forward to my new job which starts Monday but as always it is still sad to leave.

I gave one of the ladies two bottle top pin cushions that I had made and I have promised to make her something… I was thinking about a Shepherds Bush needleroll but I’ll have to find somewhere in the UK that I can order from first. Failing that I will have to order from the States.

I have been naughty thou… I’ve ordered some more threads and a chart from Jayne’s Attic. But unfortunately they haven’t arrived today 😦


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