The week so far

This isn’t a very stitching orientated, as my week has been turned upside down.

My cat, Liat isn’t feeling well (he has the runs) and as is the habit of my Tonk’s when they aren’t feeling well, there is only one place he wants to be… curled up on me, getting cuddled all the time. This has the knock on affect of stopping all sewing…. as he’s not too unwell to not chomp my threads.


So he’s off to the vet today or tomorrow with my OH, who I’ve not seen since Sunday as he’s been on late shifts (he’s a policeman). The runs are not good for cats, as it can affect their kidneys so I’m a bit concerned.

I plan to make felt bottle top pin cushions tonight as small leaving gifts for a couple of the secretaries, as tomorrow is my last day as a temp. I’ll be sad to leave.


One Response to The week so far

  1. Sylvie says:

    Hope Liat feels better soon

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