SBQ – Stitching Statistics

After a small break SBQ is back!

This weeks question was suggested by Elisabeth:

  • How many pieces have you stitched?
  • Out of these, how many have been for you?
  • How many have had specialty stitches or other techniques besides cross stitch?

Stitching Bloggers

  • I’ve stitched about 10 in the last couple of months, which are the only ones I will count.
  • At the moment they are all for me but that’s simply because I’m practicing and working out how to finish. I will have to make a few covered measuring tapes for Xmas as my Mimi’s Tape Measure is being coverted and I’m staring to to get involved with exchanges.
  • Most of my pieces have speciality stitches in and some of my future project will not involve cross stitch at all.

Last weekend I went up to Scotland to visit family. Dad gave me a few things to bring back:

  • Mum’s recipe book
  • a jam pan
  • one of my Mum’s college projects… ‘Embroidery on Clothing’ which included a circa 1900 embroidered smoking cap. My Mum was a sewing teacher, she studied fabric and fashion at college, hence why I know how to sew most things, even if I’m a bit rusty. I do vaguely remember the project but I’m really glad he thought of giving it to me… Even if it is in a grotty folder, that she got marked down on LOL

This is also proving to be a stash collection week rather than a stitching week. I’m hoping to get some sitching in over the weekend but one of my main priorities is to find some fabric as I have some pieces I can’t start until I do.


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