Why did I do it?

Well I paid a visit to a certain large craft shop today, I’m not mentioning the name cos they aren’t worth mentioning. I left feeling a bit put out (even though I knew what their range was…. I still hoped)… their embroidery section is so run of the mill. Floss wise all they have is DMC and Anchor which is ok for basic but nothing exciting. Their fabric’s revolve around aida 14 count. The linens they do have are in either white, cream or biscuit. I couldn’t even get excited about their charts either 😦

I did buy a roll of perle cotton, card bobbins and a daylight bulb (which was why I went in the first place. To make up for the disappointment, I’ve ordered my first Au Fil des Rêves chart, which was a bit naughty really!

Spent a small fortune in at the pet store next door… my fish tank is gearing up to new inhabitants in two weeks time. Thankfully the cats are not remotely interested.

I used to have a beautiful Devon Rex called Felix (his brother was called Oscar) who used to fall asleep sitting watching. He also used to lick the outside of the tank, tried to fish through the feeding hole (until I glued the plug in) and we once found him frozen (which he always did when he fell in water… think full bath) standing in the tank


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