It’s nearly the weekend

Well the week is nearly over and I’ve made little progress this week.

I have finished stitching my needlecase (i’ll post some photo’s soon) the next step is to finish it into a case… thing is I’ve gone off it a bit so I might leave it.

My biggest news is that I’ll be ordering my threads tomorrow for my acorns needlecase and I might even order a value stash pack from Jayne’s Attic as I’m sorely tempted (would like some different floss). I’ll pop up to my local shop next weekend for some fabric supplies.
I’m off up North for the weekend to see my family who I’ve not seen for a good while (read over 2 years) so unfortunately that means I’ll not get much done. Although I may take some with me for a quiet moment (if I get one). I might even get to visit the embroidery shop in Haddington, as I think the fantastic one in Edinburgh is no longer there. The boys are going to stay with my in-laws so they’ll be spoilt rotten and they’ll get to play on the stairs, which they love. Spike will be looked after by my neighbours, as he’s bestest buddies with their cat Stanley.


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