Well the weekend didn’t go to plan. My other half decided to clear out our back room……. which I’ve only been asking him to do since I moved in 2 years ago. However it also meant that I had to help too but then he had to go Saturday night to visit his best mate (which was planned) so I got to throw out all sorts of things I wouldn’t have had the chance to, if he’d been there. Win win really as we have a usable room and I finally have a permanent home for my sewing things and the computer.

I finally got a new shiny microwave… we don’t use them a lot but you don’t half miss them if you haven’t got one.

The only thing was that after the trip to the vet both cats were feeling groggy and a bit clingy. All they wanted me to do was sit on the sofa so they could sleep on me.

So no sewing was done at all, which is a bit disappointing.

Thankfully I have the next couple of evenings to myself as he’s on lates so I should get quite a bit done and I’ll post some new pics of my progress. 


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