Well it’s not stash, unfortunately, but if I am to increase my fabrics, threads, charts etc I need somewhere to store them so they don’t get ruined (by the cats and other mishaps).

Last night, I found some card poster tubes (with ends) at the supermarket, one of which I intend to store large pieces of firmer fabric and the other may be for finished work. I also got some plastic folders for my bought charts.

Today, I bought an 18 litre “Really Useful Box” which came with a whole load of smaller boxes inside: 9, 3, 1.6 and 0.7 litre (most of which I’ll have to hide for safe keeping). I was going to store my finishing stuff in the large box, as they take up so much room ie wadding, interfacing, muslin etc. In the 9 litre I was thinking I may keep my bought charts. I also already had a 9 litre so I’ll keep my sewing linens in zip pouches so I don’t forget what they are. As yet I have no real thoughts as to what to do with the smaller ones.

I managed to sew a bit more last night so I will post some new pics over the weekend. After a trip to the vet on Saturday morning for the boys first boosters. I am dreading it!!! Liat will be fine but Alfie is such a drama queen!!! When we clip his nails, you’d think we were murdering him… so a vet and a needle will probably give him a coronary!!!

Alfie in Bin


2 Responses to Storage

  1. Sylvie says:

    Your kitty is beautiful!

  2. Merry says:

    Thank you, one of the rare moments he wasn’t up to no good

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